Thursday, 16 February 2017

Little awakening at the ATM

I have always been told to think out of the box, be different, and be myself. I have been asked not to follow crowd. I have been asked to question the events that are unfolding in front of me, but like always I chose to remain in my comfort zone not paying any heed to whatsoever said. Of course all these advices had been in the back of my head buried somewhere in subconscious graveyard. But a small incident that occurred with me last week at an ATM really kept me sleepless for many days.

I am a very lethargic and introversive a combination which is deadlier than the venoms. So last week I was in the market with a friend of mine. I had to withdraw money from one of the ATMs of Punjab National Bank in that area and after strenuous search I found one with a long queue outside. I also stood in the queue and I noticed that there was actually another ATM installed there. So I asked the guy in front of mine if the other one was working and he said that it may not be working because there was no queue on it. I nodded and waited for a moment. Since there was no one behind me on the queue I walked to this ATM and viola! It was working! I went in and withdrew my money and walked out like a boss while people looked at me and started queuing outside this ATM.

That day I learned firsthand how I might have had missed opportunities in my life because I never questioned anything and always stood in queue everywhere. I always did what others were doing and I followed the herd. Later that night as I contemplated over what happened during the day, I realized that this is my call for change in life. I could no longer be a passive follower of societal norms and live a mediocre life. I need to start questioning about possibilities of ways of doing things and solving problem. I need to be on my toe tips and push myself forward.