Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The New Tenant

And then god finally decided to do something with my mundane life and blessed me with multiple tight knots on the string of my life. My other friend with whom I had jointly rented a house decided to leave the house because the house owner has a certain set of rules and notions about the tenant which my friend found highly unreasonable and illogical that he chose to leave the house. I on the other hand have been very accustomed to such rules and I decided to stay in the house occupying the smaller room and paying half the rent with the other room empty. And yesterday evening the house owner dropped me news that made my very night sleepless. The other room would be rented by a lady and I will have to share the bathroom and the kitchen with her. But it isn’t what you are thinking that my night became sleepless. It’s a needless thing to say to the people who know me well but let me admit that it’s just and just in front of a girl that my knees become weak and I shake shiver and tremble. I become nervous. I am highly allergic to girls and that reasons out why I have never had a girlfriend and close female friends. It’s just another thing that I speak to girls who are my classmates and this new tenant lady is a junior of mine who studies in the same college that I study in and this thought of having to share the bathroom and the kitchen is what kept me sleepless like an owl.

But on the other hand I have a feeling that god bestowed upon me this situation because He wants me to drain out this weakness of confronting a girl and he knows it well that it’s just by facing the fear that one will stop fearing it. Well that’s the only solace.