Saturday, 22 October 2016

The business-lady

I was attending Forest Business Management class one hot afternoon and the professor was talking about entrepreneurship. Since the class was right after lunch and it was hot and dry, most students were dozing off. Their eyes were burdened by sleepiness and I was no exception for I had almost dozed off while taking notes. So the professor clapped his hands loud and to arouse interest and diffuse out the sleepy air he ventured to tell us an amusing incident he encountered which could more or less could be said to of an entrepreneurial type.
So it goes out that in the midst of city of Mumbai, just outside a Hindu temple which is flooded by clamoring crowd of devotees, a cow stands in the shed of a papal tree. Now the devotees being Hindus who worship cows, they feed this cow in the pursuit of gaining spiritual merit. So the cow stands there the whole day while being fed by thousands of devotees and goes to sleep in the evening, happy and bellyful. Intelligent cow, right? But the interesting thing here is, it is very inconvenient for the devotees to carry grass and fodder to the temple just to feed this cow, so seeing a potential business opportunity a lady has opened a fodder shop. So devotees just buy fodder from this lady and feed the cow. Interesting right? Not yet!!!! The most interesting part is that this lady actually owns the cow and milks it every evening, earning money from everything that she does. This lady is putting all businessmen and entrepreneur to shame.
All that ensued was claps after the professor narrated this incident, but to this day I wonder who was being clapped in appreciation, the professor who narrated us this story or the lady who raised the business benchmark by folds.

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