Thursday, 6 October 2016


Life doesn’t come with a set of rules. As each days passes, one is to experience and perceive our own rules about life and this perhaps is why most people are lost. They might look deep into your eyes and with that confidence they might tell you, they know the in and out about life. But just remember that most times it’s just a plain lie. Everyone is lost at some point of their life with no certainty of their righteousness of their doing. They must be doing something because they have seen people doing it or they have been told to do so. They don’t have a slightest clue of what’s going on and everything seems dreamy. It might not be everyday that one is going through this but I would bet my last coin of my life that if not always, at least once, one walks though this phase.

Also I am often told to what is right or wrong, good and bad. I am told about what needs to be done and what shouldn’t and I always thought what was told to me to be right, but now as I look back in life all that was said to be best for me wasn’t all best, all that was said was not true.  I was always told that I could be a reputed doctor or an engineer, a teacher, a forester and so on, but nobody told me I could be an entrepreneur. The thing is that the society tells you to be the one whom they want to see you being. They will show you the easier ways, but not all easier ways are beautiful and satiating. It might bring you food, but not sleep. There are many things in life that needs to be done and it doesn’t need to be valid. There are no economical returns in driving 200 km through lush green forest on a sunny day but how would you quantify  the joy that fills your heart in doing so? 
Don’t take my words seriously, who knows I might be writing this with a disguised confidence and all this be just another lie about life? 

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