Friday, 11 September 2015

Dear Payal, waiting for you to walk.


I have seen very few people that exhibit your personality. I have never seen you utter a hard word or something prickly that would pinch others heart. I have never seen you talking ill about another person. I have never heard you doing something that you are not meant to be doing. All that I have seen is you walking around with that beautiful smile that lights up every little heart. Your sparkling eyes and your smile always spoke the same language.

I have seen that you are a beautiful and a strong person. That wavy hair suits you the most. That mole by the side of your nose adds the extra charm on you. And as you cover your mouth as you laugh, I always wished you never did that. Perhaps that might have been the only bad thing you did- you hid your smile with your hand. Otherwise you are flawless.

So it hurts to see you in the ICU fighting for your life. It hurts that a beautiful soul that never did any harm is resting on a bed and fighting the worst of worst time. It hurts to see how your injured shoulder has to carry the heavy weight of pain. How your sparkling eyes have closed since the day of the accident. How your lips hasn't moved even an inch to smile. How your eyes have swollen. It hurts to see how many tubs are inserted at different parts of your fragile body. Seeing you, how I wish I could carry your pain.

Now i only wait for the day when you would be walking in the college corridor with that wavy hair fluttering in the cold breeze. I wait to see you smile again and roll your eyes as you talk to me. I wait to see you jump in excitement when the afternoon classes are cancelled. I just wait to see you walking to college.

Get well soon.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lone I Long

Lone I long
For that is it brings
The mood and the air
To hunt one self
And to dig
One's dream, love and life.