Monday, 2 March 2015

A Caged Bird's Home

A bird I had caged
And why wouldn’t I ?
For it had the silkiest of feathers
And oh, how lovely had its tail.
And all day it sang
Sweet melodies of songs.
Caged it was
Not for many decades, I must say
For it must be cruel
And of course inhuman too
To cage a bird for long
But I recall, and distinctly
It was caged
Not more than half a decade
And then I set him free again
For it to fly,
And to spread its wings
For the rest of its life
For you know, I have a heart of an ocean.

But then, a day the heaven chose
And I found again
The same bird and of course in the same cage
But it did not sing today
For it had turned, lifeless and cold.
Then I look at haven,
And I curse it
For of all the places on earth
Why it had to die here?
And trouble an old man of my age.
But then I assume again
Why wouldn’t it want to die here?
 For the cage had become its home
And home it is, where we take our last breath
And lingers our smell, and our songs
Even long  after we are gone.