Sunday, 30 August 2015

Show me your visa.

Discrimination, a cuss word it is, I must say. Just at it's utterance, all the peace and tranquility that one had summed up for ages drains out. Every single hair on your body suddenly becomes alert. So now how would you feel if I say i face it everyday?

Studying in a soil away from one's own is completely different than the kind you imagine it would be. Given the kind of experience I had upon my year long stay here, with a heavy heart i say, India is not the place you would love to study. But again many factors, I believe, is involved. We are just four(Bhutanese) in our college, three men and a lady. The other two guys are my seniors and the lady my batch mate in the same department. We are neighbors as well.

Folks at college, most frequently and of course jokingly ask us with sarcastic smile and with a hidden intend(i suppose) to show their dislikness, our Indian visa. "Or you came here from underneath the fencing wire(demarcating the national boundaries)" they say and laugh hysterically.

Once, a fellow with an unkempt hair called one of us in a group discussing football tactics, 'refugee'. I looked around and saw that non of us were refugee. Three among us in the group were from Arunachal, two from Manipur, and I from Bhutan. Only when he pointed to me and said "You, you" I learned he was calling me a refugee. I was taken aback as to how ignorant he was that he didn't know Bhutanese aren't refugee.

Well, should i narrate you more incidents, you would be bored, but remember, its time we make an image for Bhutanese in a global community, after all i believe you wouldn't want to hear them saying "we feed them. Close the supplies and their population will be halved to 400,000 people within a week." I have heard them saying it and more and I must tell you that in no way it sounds rosy. They know we are too dependent and that's an evil tool in their hands that can cause colossal damage to our nation.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


smiled she, and asked,
"do i look all right?"
how couldn't she, for have i ever met,
or seen, all the awesomeness included, 
in a little tiny soul?

and how dare i even forget? 
the day the angel above cried and wailed,
for they were to lose,
the best of them. 

and on the day, i pray
may she be blessed ,
with nothing but prosperity, sound health, 
success and happiness. 
Happy Birthday, Dear friend,
or sister i shall call. :)