Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Lame Day

I look at my roommate sleeping at this density of night. It seems there's nothing else as blissful as being drifted into the realm of tranquility and blissfulness. But I just remember how a frantic day I had. It was the last date for me to pay my examination fees but none of the nearby ATMs were in sound order. The ones that were working were out of cash. I had to go to the neighboring town to withdraw money. And I murdered the thought of walking several kilometers to the ATM in the neighborhood that too at this magnitude of heat which I assume is more than enough to get oneself fried and despite my father’s constant reminder that I should not ride bike, I borrowed a senior friend’s scooty and rode it to the ATM and returned safe and paid the fees exactly on time. I wonder how my father would react if this news of act reaches his auditory canals. Perhaps he would understand that there exists in nature some unseen forces that compels us to do things that are not expected to be done for if thing turned out as expected and planned I wouldn’t have been here in the first place.

To be continued….