Saturday, 16 May 2015

Dear Bunu

Dear di,

I just wonder how proud Phupa must be to drop you to your work place and drive off to his with a contented smile. And the smile that glows Phupu’s face might not have dropped for days now. In fact I have a feeling that she smiles even while asleep. And you should know that you are the reason behind those smiles. Despite all the odds in your life you moved forward and brought those smiles. Congratulation!

And now there will be queue of people waiting outside your chamber waiting patiently for you to treat them. They would come to you hoping you would ease their pain and when you actually ease their pain you bring smiles on their face as well. You will be the reason behind their smiles.  That’s how great you are now.

But I am greatly disappointed of the fact that I couldn’t be your first patient and I shall blame the time for time has placed me somewhere miles and miles away  from home that I can only imagine myself being your patient.

Anyways, I pray that you have successful years ahead and that you be able to maintain professionalism in your work.

Hope to see you soon.

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