Wednesday, 20 May 2015

An Indian friend of mine speaks a fluent sharshop.

This might come as a little shock to you if I say i know an Indian guy who has never been to Bhutan and had spoken very less with Bhutanese but knows sharshop fluently. Well he is my classmate and he is from Arunachal Pradesh, from Tawang to be precise. My jaws completely dropped in amazement when he spoke in sharshop in the class today. Later i went to him and asked him about his whereabouts and found out he is from Tawang. He said it is this language they use as a medium of communication back at his village.

Then, it was his turn to be speechless when i replied in sharshop. The talks that followed between us was in sharshop.

Two people meet in a classroom somewhere in India , one is indian the other is Bhutanese and they speak in sharshop. Common man, its interesting!

To be continued....

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