Friday, 9 January 2015

Winter: Its Cold and Heavy Hands

Its winter and I believe winter is the most difficult time of the year.

For a student the beginning of winter marks with the writing of their exams. An exam, beyond doubt, is a curse. It tests a person’s ability within three ridiculous hours. And for these three hours one has to prepare for an entire year. How justified is it to judge a person’s ability within three hours of a year is beyond my comprehension and I suppose only god knows how.

But winter doesn’t only test the so called most intellectual animal in the planet who clears a thick forest, constructs sophisticated building there and in it discusses how to preserve forest, but also it tests the mother nature. Winter forces the trees to shed their leaves and slaps them with bitter and cold winds but the trees stands there, refusing to surrender and rather as spring unfolds, it starts growing and beautifies itself with lush green leaves and later with its bewitching flowers.

Of course winter hasn’t spared me this year and I am also being slapped by its cold hands but this year I find its hands much heavier and colder. This winter, miles and miles away from home, I am left all alone in a tiny room which is haunted by silence and nothing can be heard but the beats of my heart. These four walls stare at me as if to say I am not alone and the still fan hanging from the ceiling watches me in solitude with its intense eyes for he knows he has much work to do after winter sleeps for the year.

But my mind refuses to sleep and it drifts back to the times when summer was around and life was nothing but a cup of mere tea where it was easy to take a sip and gulp it down.

I have learned much from the nature and so I stay here waiting for winter to pass by and spring to come and warm my heart and soul for I have well known nothing gold can stay.