Sunday, 4 January 2015

Mission Assang Barrage

The exams are over and so is the New Year’s excitement. Our department announced a month long vacation and students left for home hurriedly. Some reached home while some are on the way and others yet to move. The hostel is empty with just a handful of fellow hostel mates. The hostel is haunted now by the silence and tranquility.

Just the other day, a friend of mine who also decided not to go home suggested that we go to a place called Assang Barrage and since I had nothing else to do in hostel promptly agreed and set out for adventure with two other friends. Assan Barrage is located at 35kms from our hostel. It was an hour long journey by bus.
When we reached there we looked at each other and laughed for the place was more than what we had expected. It had a dam that stored and diverted water for irrigation. That place was a feast to eyes for it was a wonderful to walk around taking photos. Many beautiful birds dwelled there and the place looked beautiful. 

In action
Dear friend of mine- Misel Debbarma
Well I don't caption myself!
Thats Raju

All day we walked around taking pictures and admiring the beauty of the place until we realized it was time for us to leave.

We have now many places selected to explore in our month long holiday here, and the next place that we discussed to explore is the much talked hill station, Mussoori. Will update once the place is explored.   

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