Friday, 12 December 2014

Fight In The Hostel

“Its 7:00 pm here in Dheradun, india. And at this time the chowk (a mini town) is full of live. The shop owners are happiest for the shop runs best at this hour. Students of our college who are the majority customers will be seen around, some talking to friends while others will be busy buying their needs. This tiny place would look like a fish market with much noise and crowd.

But this evening as I went to chowk nobody could be seen. The shopkeepers had started closing their shops. The street was silent and empty. It was as if the whole of human race residing there was suddenly shifted to somewhere else or has suddenly disappeared. A hollow and empty feeling engulfed me. Only then I realized the power of examination. Tomorrow we have exams and I sensed that examination can keep even the most outdoor person in……….”

I had been on my bed and was writing the above lines when it was almost 7:45 pm. I was inspired to write more but I heard a crowd shouting outside our hostel. “What’s happening outside?” I asked my roommate. “Nothing, the usual thing: seniors shouting outside.” He said. But the noise wasn’t subsiding. Something wrong was surely going outside. I unlatched the door and we went outside. All our fellow hostellers were standing by the balcony and before I could figure out what was happening, I saw a guy getting melding of kicks and punches from the angry mob of local people. There were almost twenty five people beating the guy.  Then I realized that I was witnessing something known as ‘public dhulai’ for the first time in my life.
After a minute or so of public dhulai, a senior guy stopped the fight and the victim escaped with his head bleeding. Immediately ambulance was called for help. Only then I saw the face of the victim and he was one of my friends doing Agriculture. I was more worried because the next day he had university exams.
I was horrified realizing what had just happened. I was standing and I could not move my legs to walk. My whole body froze. I was shivering. My body had become cold.

I also had exams the next day but I could not study thereafter. After the dinner I tried to sleep but I couldn’t.  Even after being under thick blanket for hours my legs never became warm. I felt insecure even in hostel. I couldn’t understand what had happened. Series of questions invaded my mind. What if I accidently do something and I also get beaten. What if something happens here?

I just want to go home. I just want to go back to Bhutan.

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