Sunday, 30 November 2014

National Day Was Celebrated On 28th Of November

The national day celebration by the Bhutanese students studying here in Dheradun was held on 28th November, since on December 17th, many students have their exams. Also the farewell for the graduating students was also coincided with it. That afternoon I along with seniors went to a town called Prem Nagar where a hall was decorated with banners of our national flag. One by one students studying at different colleges in Dheradun arrived in the early evening of that day even though everyone was requested to gather at 2pm. And this particular fact amused me for where ever we go we will always be Bhutanese and we will always follow ‘Bhutan Stretchable Time’ and India is not too far from Bhutan to not follow the Bhutanese timing.

The celebration started with singing of our national anthem. And I must tell you that when you are in a foreign land, singing ones national anthem feels different from how it feels to sing in your own soil. It feels different and I do not have words in me to describe the feeling. After the anthem was over, many volunteered to sing their hearts out, some for the country, some for the outgoing students and others for their loved ones. Small gifts were also presented to the graduating students which the emcee called ‘token of love’ from their juniors. And after that a grand and sumptuous dinner was served.

Right after dinner the emcee announced that a DJ is around and everyone should join the floor to dance. Well I had been sitting at the corner trying not to dance until one of our female friends dragged me to the dance floor. Needless to say, in the dim lights, for the first time I danced like no one is watching me. We danced wild until our stomach started hurting and I must admit that I enjoyed more than anyone would have enjoyed that night. Only then I understood why people go to night clubs.

The celebration-turned-party ended at around ten at night and outside buses were waiting for us to drop us back to hostel. We all exchanged hugs and good wishes and we all departed with smiles in our heart. Thank you BSA for making a homely air and of course for the smiles.

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