Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Land Is New and So Are People

It was late in the evening when I was comfortably sitting on my bed when John Denver was going ‘country road, take me home, to the place, I belong……’ on my laptop. Listening to this song my mind was on the verge of reaching home but a friend of mine from adjacent room who is doing Bsc Agriculture came in to share me his good news. “Man, our date sheet for examination is out. By December 25th, I will be home.” He said with much happiness and anticipation. He had a broad smile and his eyes blinked with excitement. “When are you going home?”  He asked me. And that very question hit me hard. For the past few days I had been trying not to think about that question. Sometimes in life there are certain things that you will never get and you should not be too adamant and wait for it. In fact you should learn that some things are never meant for you so one needs to build up enough courage to let things go and move on. This I personally learned.
I just smiled and said I was not planning to go home. He told me about his plans to go home and he left the room.
Then I was left all alone in my room again. I leaned my back on the wall and realized how ridiculous time is. Just few months ago I was in the cocoon of my parental love and family. It seemed perfect and lived a carefree life full of smiles and blissfulness. And within days, time carried me to a foreign land of strangers, new faces, new friends and a completely new land with diverse religion and traditions. Never had I thought it would be hard to make one comfortable in a new soil.
But who am I again to brood and fret about this for after few years I would be floating back in my thoughts as to how I worked out make myself comfortable in a foreign land.

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