Sunday, 9 November 2014

Dearest Dad

Dearest dad,
I remember you buying me a small toy like bicycle on which you would make me sit and you would push for then my legs were short, even to reach the pedal. It was a pink one with a tire in the front and two at the back. I grew but the cycle didn’t. My legs grew much longer than the pedal and you sensed the need of a new bigger one with only two tires this time. The new bicycle wasn’t my thing for I couldn’t balance it on the road. Then every evening we went for cycling where you would be holding its rear as I rode it. That was how I learned to balance the cycle on road. Even if you didn’t know how to ride a bicycle, you made sure your son knows how to.

I had once failed in fifth grade. I was going unconscious thinking how would I even face you but you didn’t scold me that evening. You taught me failing is a part of life and so are mistakes and one is to learn from it and never repeat it. Later when I was in my primary school, when other friends had just known that computers exist, you had bought one for us. You did not have much knowledge on computers but you made sure your sons have. You knew its importance in my life in future.
As I entered high school, you taught me how to drive. Every weekend you would take me to a ground and let me drive. Slowly you taught me how to drive on road. You taught me that when I knew how to drive I should also know how to be responsible. And even before I completed my high school I had my driving license. After high school you made it sure I have the best college education and I have a prosperous life later so you send me to this college.

I realized that you have given me everything. You sacrificed your happiness to create mine. You worked hard to meet all my needs. Even now, with your average source you sent me to study a course of my choice here in India.

Dad I know you heard of the recent suicide case of a Bhutanese student in India and that disturbed your peace of mind. Suddenly you were worried and your mind went into asking being away from family and friends what if my son also…… but dad I want to tell you that I have your values in me and you have done a million things for me and it would be very selfish to end my life and bring misery in your life. It would be the most painful thing for you to see a lifeless body of mine. After having given me all the happiness in the world how would I even dare think of inflicting pain and make you suffer further. Dad I want you to peacefully go to sleep because I would never ever in any point of life and circumstances end my own life. Never! And this is a promise I keep and everything in this world is fragile enough to be broken but this promise.

With much love
your son