Sunday, 9 November 2014

Dear Nanu

Dear Nanu,
I always felt sad when people asked me if I have sisters for I always had to say no. The fact that I don’t have sisters bothered me much. It pained me. But since the past year all of my sadness has drained away and all of my pain has subsided. I feel light and happy for I have sister now. We are three in brothers with three sisters and a youngest naughty brother. We are a complete family now. I praise haven for he has given me the most beautiful sisters in the world. I feel all the comfort in the world to discuss my secrets with you all. And that in fact is a blessing for me. Being with you all now I know the sisterly love and how lovely sisters are. Thank you for always being there for me.
And how absurd it would be to forget the birthday of such beautiful sister? How would I even do that? So I whole heartedly wish you a very happy birthday and pray for your prosperity and your success. May you shine all through sun and rain.

With love
from dheradun

P.S: Also it is the birthday of my father and the father of our nation and I pray for their long live.

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