Friday, 17 October 2014

My Taste Buds are Changing

A blogger had posted on his blog that his taste buds tastes old and classical bollywood songs sweeter than our own Bhutanese songs. In reference to this, these days my taste buds also like such sweet things. Of course I had been living my life as a diehard fan of AC/DC, GNR, and mostly Greenday, Simple Plan, and others for punk and modern rock. But I just don’t know which material has invaded my mind to start liking classical bollywood songs.

To tell a brief history, I have a roommate whom I asked once if there is anything that he doesn’t eat and any classical bollywood songs that he doesn’t know. To which he bluntly smiled and chose not to answer. For the new liking I blame him partly for he always moves around singing classical songs, if not singing at least humming. I think the songs that he hummed repeatedly started soothing my auditory cells and thus the liking evolved in me.

These days I find myself downloading those songs. For couple of days I haven’t gone to sleep without plugging in the earphones with those songs playing. It’s a crazy feeling to be changing. I needed to tell it someone. As I explained this to my sister she told me she likes them too but then she went on asking me “are you in love or what?” “ It’s the classic sign of being in love when you start listening to songs like this” she added. My sister is doing medicine and this time I want to tell her that she has wrongly diagnosed a patient. I am not in tentacles of love but my taste buds are changing. But i tell you, you dare not question her ability in real field. 

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