Thursday, 16 October 2014

Holidays and Freedom

From today my Diwali holidays have started. It stretches till the end of the October month. I have a heap of holidays and ridiculous freedom with which I can do nothing. Freedom is always ridiculous: you can do anything you want but you wouldn’t be able to do anything. And this specially fascinates me.

A little part of me, just a very little, has already died for this diwali would be empty and hollow. I wouldn’t be spending any time with family. And when I see my friends happily leaving hostel and heading home for diwali a tinge of cold sadness runs down my spine and make me realize again that I wouldn’t be home for diwali.
I am still not sure what should I be doing to make the time pass for as I have known to this day it has its pace and never hurls itself. A friend of mine who is also not heading home for diwali reassures me that we will spend our days playing football. “Man, we have all the time in the world to play football.” He tells me. And I feel its true as well to stop brooding and fretting and simply live my life. To enjoy whatever the time brings for us.

My roommates have already bought some fire crackers and toy guns to play with. Kime says we would be playing football every evening and at night we would sing on guitar till the dawn swallows the night and sleep all day and repeat the same all along again. He says “once out of college you would long to do this and smile foolishly whenever it crosses your memory.” Now I am convinced that should things go as planned it will be epic, closer even if it doesn’t be.


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