Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I have a friend called coffee.

Not paying tribute is yet another feature of us human. It’s funny how we are helped by all that come along and to very little we feel a tinge of gratitude. That too we sum up in us and never let them know. I am not an exception here for as long and far as I remember it has been to very little people that I have actually articulated gratefulness. And that’s bad, I say.
One simple thing that no one ever has thanked might be coffee. I am being serious and I am talking about coffee that one gulps down the throat but never thanks it.
Coffee has been a friend, if you take time and think. It might have been a reason for you to meet someone. Haven’t you ever met anyone-friend, love, over a cup of coffee? Admit it sometimes coffee was the only excuse for you to ask your loved one out. When you desperately wanted to meet someone but there were no reasons you should meet, didn’t the coffee become the reason and you just said  “Let’s go out for a cup of coffee” or “lets meet over a cup of coffee’’?
Also coffee accompanies you a lot. Just as you feel low, you make yourself a cup of coffee and let it run down you, it feels magical. It feels as though your body has been lightened. You feel calm. Relaxed. But how inhumane of us to never pay back at least in words.  
Although I was told by a friend of mine that coffee actually wrecks our brain (true?) but I take this last sip of coffee and thank coffee for being a friend and not bothering if it really does.
PS- I actually thank everyone who has been producing coffee, for without ‘em coffee might have been a tale.

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  1. Coffee helps keep alert while studying or reading. So, thanks Mr. Coffee for that.