Monday, 9 June 2014

how did it happen?

It had been a dull day
With nothing for me to do.
I sat there, self conscious, as others did
But then he had to come and ask
“Can I sit here?”
Remarkable he was
As his stories unfolded,
Of his survival-the accidents and death
And with that earned him another name.
Not more than a month passed
There came in two other idiots to join-
One had been devoted to shyness
For he talked less and worked more
And prayed like a monk
But at heart, had gold  
And another, much the opposite.
He cracked but jokes, of sofy,
Seven bananas and a monkey
But dear, he entertained.
Still we had another, one so peculiar
For he stood in the corner
And produced the weirdest sound,
And metal from him stood in the middle of the class
To which we looked and laughed.
Oh, well. They had been dear.
Thus, it started, the journey together
Into another year of learning, to turn the stone unturned
And to reach the other side.

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