Saturday, 19 January 2013

it lives in me

These days I wet my eyes when I
remember the days spent at
Tashiyangtse. I stayed in the
hospital colony for my dad
worked there. We used to stay at
the middle floor of the three
storied building. From the
window of my room I could see
the Tashiyangtse dzong standing
proudly on the hill. Just above the
dzong was the epitome of
learning in Tashiyangtse- the
Bayling HSS. The Tashiyangtse
town sat happily in the valley and
at night I used to open my
window and look at the town,
with twinkling streetlights and
the shops, it just looked like the
night sky- full of stars.
At the bank of kholongchhu,
stood the symbol of faith and
religion, the most talked-chorten
kora. It was said to be built by lam
Ngawang Namgay to subdue the
demon and bless the people of
Yangtse with peace and
prosperity. Legend has it that a
princess from Tawang is put as
the sacred nangtoen in it. I
occasionally with my friends used
to playfully go and walk around
the Chorten. There is a stone just
above the chorten with a hole in it
and it is said that if we can put
our thumb in it with our eyes
closed, we gain spiritual merits
and it is a sign that we can serve
our parents well. So whenever we
used to go there I used to partially
open my eye without my friend’s
knowledge and place my thumb
in the hole to show that I can
serve my parents…J
Just outside our house, we had
our playground with green grass
all over it. I used to play football
with my friends residing nearby
and other times i used to play
badminton with my female
friends. One day, we had fixed a
football match with the boys
staying above the zorig chusum.
We played the two hour long
match in a small ground below
the DSC office. More than a football
match, it went like we were
planting paddy. We had mud all
over us, so much that we couldn’t
even recognize our friends. How I
miss that football match.
Then, I used to study at
Tashiyangtse LSS. During spring
and late autumn, I used to take
the shortcut to school, which
passed through the paddy field
and also had to cross a river.
Within ten minutes I used to
reach school when I took the
shortcut but it took me at least
half an hour if I took the long
way. At school, during lunch
break, we used to eat our lunch
very fast and go to the river next
to the school and swim there. It
was said that every year at least
one person was washed away by
the river and we feared but our
excitement always overcame our
fears. One day when I was going
home I found even girls were
swimming there.(you know
whom am I talking about, don’t
you? J )
The way back home from school
used to be the most interesting
part of the day. We (staying in
hospital colony) used to walk
home together and take the
longest route to our home- the
road. And we used to stop any
vehicle that came along. We used
to stop all sorts of vehicle for lift-
alto, van, land cruiser and even
tractors…haha. But nothing lasts
forever. I had to leave
Tashiyangtse. I had to leave my
friends and I still remember how I
got a card from my friend,
wishing me good luck and safe
journey…I still have that card and
sometimes late at night I read it
and I wet my eyes…J
I had the most beautiful days of
my life at Tashiyangtse. Given a
chance I would like to go to
Tashiyangtse to see how things
are now. Tashiyangtse I miss

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

40 year, and you may open your eyes, late..

There, once back in time
when youthful energy ran in my
lived a young foolish boy
who loved me lovingly.
With all his heart, he was
and he loved me
just like another lover
loving his love
never had i seen such a lover
so committed and so loving
but oh how choped his heart,
just like a butcher choping the
scattered all over, his heart was in
never could he mend it
nor could he give it to someone
And today, after twice a decade,
my eyes long for you,
and i reach this place,
where you lay in this cold coffin.
Silently i wisper 'i love you too'
that is all i can say now and