Thursday, 6 December 2012

who has the answers?

Yesterday, just as I entered a shop, I saw a little cute boy sitting on the bench. His mom was in the shop. Then two girls walked in and were surprised when the mother started beating the boy and said “you! Good for nothing….sitting here ideal, huh? Kitchen na jo bey thali mechu ga aa??” and came another slap! “why do you beat him, he is too small” I asked….”then what shall I do, choesham nang zha ni ya? His elder brother is very intelligent, and is studying in India. He got scholarship. But look at this boy, good for nothing. Just got 3 out of 20……” she concluded.
My heart sank after hearing this. I realized that now a days even parents say their children are successful, only if he/she makes a lot of money or are good at studies. Now a days it doesn’t matter if  children are well behaved or not. It doesn’t matters the goodness in them. It doesn’t matter how ethical they are. All that matter are marks. If a child scores 100/100, he/she is the best child in the world. And if he cannot score good marks, he is referred as “good for nothing”.
I don’t know why this is happening. Is it because marks defines a person’s personality or is it because goodness has lost its value. Is it because we live in a world where we comprehend the meaning of goodness as money? Or is it because money is happiness(some say)……….i don’t know who has the answers to this questions!